Founded in 1961 by Leo Bongaards, ND MH Dip Ir EyeRonec is backed with over 50 years of electronics industry experience. You will find our products in Australian Embassies all over the world, in Australian Military Installations, in Canberra’s Treasury and Taxation buildings, in the Institute of sports and many other Government and Private company properties.
EyeRonec provides top quality Iridology equipment. Australian designed and made USB Iris cameras and more innovative electronic and health equipment and software.
Through our commitment, 50 years of experience, original innovation and expertise EyeRonec products and ideas have been copied by many others but NO-ONE has ever provided a guarantee and service that comes even close to ours! Just check out our website and see for yourself.

Our Mission

By providing economical equipment I believe that more practitioners can show the patient’s their eyes live on a screen. This has a big impact on the patient so that they comply better with your recommendations to improve their health. Iridology is such a great modality that enables patients to strengthen any potentially weak areas in their body and to avoid or at least delay degeneration of vital organs. I will continue to help bring more equipment to more practitioners to help people to live a healthier life. To put my “money where my mouth is”, I now give a LIFETIME GUARANTEE on all our cameras. Join the many practitioners already using our equipment and order one for your clinic.