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Who We Are

EyeRonec’s speciality is to supply economical high quality Iridology cameras, also known as Digital Iriscope, Iris camera, Eyology and Sclerology camera.

Founded in 1961 by Leo Bongaards, ND MH Dip Ir EyeRonec is backed with over 50 years of electronics industry experience. You will find our products in Australian Embassies all over the world, in Australian Military Installations, in Canberra’s Treasury and Taxation buildings, in the Institute of sports and many other Government and Private company properties.

EyeRonec provides top quality Iridology equipment. Australian designed and made USB Iris cameras and more innovative electronic and health equipment and software.

Through our commitment, 50 years of experience, original innovation and expertise EyeRonec products and ideas have been copied by many others but NO-ONE has ever provided a guarantee and service that comes even close to ours! Just check out our website and see for yourself.

What's New

Our latest Iridology camera is the portable Pebble 12.

The Pebble cameras are our latest portable Iridology Cameras. We called them Pebble to distinguish them from the heavy iridology cameras sold by others. We have 2 white side-light LED’s which will assist in capturing images of true brown irises.

The Pebble 12 camera is totally independent from any power or computer. The stored Images can be downloaded to any Windows or MAC computer for later use e.g. storing and printing.

The Pebble cameras are the perfect camera for iridology students and experienced practitioners alike. Our latest camera is the Pebble 12, which incorporates most if not all the things that were on the practitioners wish list like: Completely portable with NO wires and NO computer required. It has it’s own LCD screen and build-in battery and memory card. The lighting system is unique, it has 2 Daylight side-lights, 2 warm-white side-lights for dark eyes, option to use both at the same time and 8 daylight lights that fall into the pupil area. The zoom magnifier can enlarge any suspect or interesting spots and fibres in the iris live on the screen. Many hundreds of images are automatically stored on the microSD memory card and can be down loaded at any time in the same way you download your pictures from the phone.

The Pebble 12 is the best and most versatile camera we have ever made.

A Message From Leo

When I first saw an iridology camera in the late 80s I thought to myself that there had to be a better way. The cameras needed chin-rests and the film camera needed the film developed and photos printed. I am sure that many of you believed that things could be better as well. It was my strong belief that motivated me to experiment with photographic equipment for some years. I had help from people that shared my beliefs and working together we struck gold. The first EyeRonec Iridology camera was made and shown on national TV. Many practitioners all over the world started to use our cameras.

We were then asked for a beginner’s camera, something that new graduates and struggling practitioners could afford. Again I had a strong belief that I could do it, better than anyone else. The first camera was the Microsoft based EyeSpy followed by the Pebble cameras, a giant leap in image quality was achieved.

We have just designed the Pebble 12 camera with high resolution and completely portable. Am I happy now? Well close to it but I am always working on improvements and better ideas so that one day we will yet again move up a notch.

By providing economical equipment I believe that more practitioners can show the patients their eyes live on a screen. This has a big impact on the patient so that they comply better with your recommendations to improve their health. Iridology is such a great modality that enables patients to strengthen any potentially weak areas in their body and to avoid or at least delay degeneration of vital organs.

I will continue to help bring more equipment to more practitioners to help people to live a healthier life. To put my Money where my mouth is I now give a LIFETIME GUARANTEE on all our cameras. Join the many practitioners in over 50 countries that are using our equipment and order one for your clinic.

Leo A. Bongaards ND MH Dip Ir

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